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      The rumors are true - we are planning on opening our very own factory outside Missoula Montana for more control over how, when and where our stuff is made. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve seen and heard a bit about the journey to find a space and get it started.

      On September 28, we’ll be launching a huge project to get it off the ground that involves all of you: a CSA - community supported apparel! Really, it’s our take on a crowdfunding campaign, and it means that by buying some really amazing stuff from us, you’ll be contributing the finances needed to build the dang thing. A community funded factory!

      We have some epic ways to contribute (think spacesuits, getting your name on the factory walls, and exclusive Treasure Dresses). We’ll be sending sneak peeks to those who sign up via the form above, and that list will get first dibs on shopping our CSA (giving all you Treasure Dress lovers a BIG nudge, because we'll have only 350 available).