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      6 years ago, founder Mallory Ottariano graduated from college with a design degree and opened up an Etsy shop, never imagining (or planning) that it would grow into Kind Apparel. 

      We're now a small, female-run company founded on the principles of uniqueness and adventure and we keep these present through all facets of our business. As humans, each one of us is entirely unique and different from those around us and our goal is to design and create clothing that celebrates this uniqueness! At Kind Apparel, we're all about being bold and standing out from the crowd. 

      Our fabric designs are our own artwork, and we make each piece locally from recycled-content fabrics. 

      We hope our colorful clothing brings you joy and inspires your adventures!

      Founder/Designer, Mallory Ottariano out on a ride and
      wearing Kind Apparel, of course!


      Check out this video to learn more about how we make our clothing and what the company is all about!